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We’ve got your back in this crazy world. Our products and resources are tested with success on ourselves and our brave & supportive family and friends. We approach all aspects of our business with a genuine care for the wellness of all human beings.


Bring more calm & creativity to your life!

Because your mind will thank-you for it.

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In a world of so much noise and clutter it is so difficult to bring our true inner quietness to mind and flourish. So many of our days are over taken by negative thinking, self-sabotage and not truly placing ourselves first.

My name is Melissa Lloyd and I am delighted you are here.

I once was a person who’s mind and body ran at the speed of light. I travelled the world and was successful in the design industry, opening a high-profile design company in London, UK. I also spent much of my time caring for children with autism and enjoying learning about art therapy and psychology.

Many people might say, “you have it all Melissa”. But I hit my wall, not literally, internally. Life felt lonely when in fact I had lots of people that surrounded me, including my family. I felt unfulfilled and could very rarely stop a mind full of chatter. I wondered if I could find the way to happiness. What did that mean?

I was presented a journey and I chose something that I had been living for so long, but was not connecting the two. This journey was bringing intentional calm and creativity into my life as a healing tool. This connection and longing for me, completely transformed into the most profound gift.

So, it was no coincidence in 2016 that Doodle Lovely was born. Combining my passion for design and products that can provide more meaningful connections. This is my WHY, and why I am here to help you find the incredible treasures you embody. But first it is about starting small and laying the foundation of the amazing person you are!

Join me on this lovely journey discovering your greatest treasures… yourself!