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Creative Mind. Happy Soul. Journal


Are you a woman that is running from one thing to the next, doing for everyone else, but not knowing how to give to yourself? Do you find that you are disconnected from you and are living from a place of stress and unease?

This is why the ‘Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal’ was designed, for the ‘busy’ woman in mind.

Take just 5 minutes daily with this journal and let this be your quiet place. Use this when you get up in the morning, as a break in your day or part of your bedtime routine. Enjoy this guided journey through doodling and journalling.

This is about engaging in the process simply for the joy of engaging in it. It’s giving yourself permission to be a beginner, to be curious and to connect with a calm place inside yourself that often needs tending. It’s all about upping your soul-care!

This is when your transformation will begin. Engaging in your creativity will cover you in an incredible dust of calm and the stress relief you have been looking for. The more you show up for yourself, the more you will connect with you and start to see your confidence and positivity grow.

Life will always be and be full, but it is the choices you make that will make you!

P.S No prior artstic experience needed for this journal. If you can draw shapes and lines, then you can doodle.

Size: 5.5″ x 8.25″  |   Pages: 144

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