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Calming Floral Turquoise Pencil Case


This Calming Floral Turquoise Pencil Case is designed and doodled by Doodle Lovely.  Store everything from change to cards to receipts. A handy size at 9″ wide x 4″ tall to even use as an oversized wallet!

  • Durable, canvas-like exterior
  • Fabric loop on the side
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Canada
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In stock


Art and versatility in one small case! They might be called canvas pencil cases, but our Calming Floral Turquoise Pencil Case can be used as a change purse, makeup bag, receipt organizer or craft carrier to name a few!

The Pencil Case is 9″ wide x 4″ tall. Designed with custom doodles you can use it to organize your craft supplies by type or project or as an over-sized wallet. Pencil cases easily fit in your gym bag or pretty much anything else. An easy way to strut your awesomeness with our Pencil Case!

pencil case washing
Contents shown for scale, and are not included.

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