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Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal


Are you looking for a little peacefulness in your day or a place to tune out from the world? If so, introducing our Creative Mind Happy Soul Gratitude Journal.

This inspirational self-care, bestselling book has been called out as one of the top products by Mindfulness Magazine.

So why is this journal so impactful? Using this mindfulness journal for 5 minutes a day will give you a place to help calm your mind, improve your focus and help you to sleep better.

Inside there is space to track your mood, spur gratitude, prompt self-reflection, and encourage personal growth, along with doodling exercises.

Why Doodle? Doodling has a reputation as a sign someone is not paying attention, humans actually process 29% more information when doodling. Scientific studies have demonstrated, that doodling improves concentration and focus, lowers anxiety, helps manage and process emotions, increases creativity and playfulness in life and at work, which leads to more satisfaction.

All told, the journal includes more than 100 guided doodling or journaling activities, along with other content, for short daily mindfulness tune-ups. It also features a satin page marker, an elastic closure, and an expandable inner pocket. 

It's amazing how this book can help in so many ways!

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Ben Tanner
My Wife has started using it right away

My wife was excited to show me some of the doodles and journalling she has done since she got this just a few days ago. This is such a unique gift.