Doodle Lovely

Are you looking for entertainment and relaxation? Enjoy this Doodle by Number: A Blooming Guide to Calming the Chaos! 

This Doodle by Number book is part of a series that is a unique, neuroscience-based concept that helps those who lack confidence in their doodling skills, as well as practiced doodlers, free their minds through structured creativity. Doodling helps you transition to a peaceful place to recharge and reboot.

How does this book work? Like a paint by number without the paint! Doodlers are invited to fill in with their favourite mark making tool, blank images with circles, lines or other patterns as indicated by the numbers to build 30 different flower and plant pictures. 

Why Doodle? Doodling has a reputation as a sign someone is not paying attention, humans actually process 29% more information when doodling. Scientific studies have demonstrated, that doodling improves concentration and focus, lowers anxiety, helps manage and process emotions, increases creativity and playfulness in life and at work, which leads to more satisfaction.


Customer Reviews

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Angie Hunter
Doodle by number-for botanical lovers

Love my new doodle book, so calming and really helps me be mindful!

Christina Jarvis-Murray
Delightful and so relaxing!

I’ve replaced my nightly scroll through social media with this sweet book. It’s so relaxing and rewarding to complete a Doodle right before bed! The images are delightful and I’m so happy to have this new ritual in my life!! The only problem is when I run out of books!! I hope you’ll continue to make new ones. :)

Mrs. Donna McKee

Love! Each page is different and relaxing. Creative designs on every page. Fast shipping and great quality.