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2nd Edition: Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal


This inspirational self care journal has been so popular that we have reprinted with a new look!

The Creative Mind, Happy Soul journal will give you a pocket of time for YOU! Using this journal for 5 minutes a day, will help you calm your mind, improve focus and help you to sleep better.

Start to stress less and feel happier today! Our Journal will help you achieve this regardless of how busy or chaotic things seem around you.

It’s amazing how this one tool can benefit you in so many ways!

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Dimensions 195 × 145 × 20 cm
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This Inspirational Self Care Journal ...

* Uncovers what makes you happy
* Is judgment free, always
* Unleashes your creativity
* Improves your gratitude
* Helps you manage your emotions
* Helps you live in the moment
* Strengthens your confidence
* Is for you and you alone

Give yourself permission to rule your world with our judgment free and science based Creative Mind, Happy Soul Journal.

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