Doodle By Number, for Dog lovers, A unique approach to mindfulness

Doodle By Number™ – For Dog Lovers


In this doodle book, simple patterns are accompanied by easy to follow instructions for you, regardless of your art background, to facilitate a judgment free creative outlet for your relaxation and stress relief with our dog friends!

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Weight .28 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 28 × .65 cm
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Looking for a way to unscramble your busy brain, to rest your weary worries, and to let your inner artist out into the light?

With a stroke of a pen you can enjoy a journey through play, mindfulness, and creativity, one number at a time.

And along for the ride is everyone’s favourite furry friend: the dog.

Enjoy 30 guided doodle activities of a cherished dog along with an inspirational quote.

Discover why doodlers young and old are giving this book, ‘two paws up’.

All pre orders ready for delivery on November 12th!
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