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Doodle Lovely provides innovative tools to help lower stress, boost attention, productivity, concentration and creativity through guided mindful doodling techniques.
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About Doodle Lovely

'Self-care is essential, especially as the second wave of COVID-19 continues taking a toll on mental health, and simply doodling for a few minutes can give anyone a much-needed wellness boost, says Melissa Lloyd, founder of Doodle Lovely. 

 “Life was stressful enough before the pandemic, and after seven months of coronavirus there’s no doubt that people everywhere are feeling emotionally exhausted at home, overwhelmed and unmotivated at work, and anxious about the future,” said Lloyd. 

“Doodling isn’t a mindless distraction — it promotes mindfulness. Not only does it calm your nerves and clear your head, it’s a scientifically proven way to improve learning and concentration, boost creativity and enhance performance.” 

 Based near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lloyd develops designed guided doodling journals, workbooks and accessories with a meditation focus to help bring daily calm and provide fuel for your mind and soul. Using doodling and the creative process, she also works with Landing Strong to support clients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

 In just a few minutes a day, 'doodling for wellness': 
Gives you a happiness boost 
 Calms your mind and improves focus
Provides clarity and unlocks creativity 
Reduces stress 
 Helps you sleep better 

 For self-care and self-improvement at work, Lloyd recommends 15-minute Doodle Breaks™ designed to engage the prefrontal cortex — the brain’s centre of higher-level reasoning, problem-solving and creativity. It’s a fun, effective way for HR managers and business leaders to energize their teams, improve focus and concentration, and increase productivity.



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