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A Doodle BreAKTM is a Break From Stress

Struggling to keep your team focused, calm and motivated?
 We have something that can help. 
Our guided Doodle Breaks™ can help you and your teams get back on track and focused! 
Take a quick peak with our 60 second demo.

The Benefits Of Doodling

Reduce Stress

Doodling is known to be the most accessible ways of helping the mind relax, so it can process and integrate information.

Driving Innovation

Doodling helps connect seemingly disparate ideas come alive for increased innovation and new ideas.

Greater Productivity

Doodling diverts the mind easily and within five minutes can completely refuel much needed energy and sense of clarity.

Increase Attentiveness

The act of doodling while listening reinforces the brain to pay attention, recalling 29% more information!

Manage Emotions

Doodling is a safe method to process emotions, converting negative feelings into neutral balance, without judgement.

Happiness Boost

The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression. Playfulness in life, including work, increases satisfaction & purpose.

3 Options To Integrate Into Your Company

'Live' 1 hour Doodle Breaks™

This 1 hour Doodle Breaks™ is facilitated live via Zoom or in person. Experience the doodling process with a Doodle Lovely facilitator. The content is customized based on client needs. Each participant receives a Doodle Breaks™ NotePad that includes up to 80 doodles for future use.

Custom Pre-recorded 15 minute Doodle Breaks™

We have created a healthy and productive break for you! Include a 15 minute Doodle Break™ into your existing meeting and we will customize the opening and closing remarks. Each participant receives a Doodle Breaks™ NotePad that includes up to 80 doodles for future use.

Pre-recorded15 minute Doodle Breaks™

Want to keep it simple. Choose our pre-recorded Doodle Breaks™ to integrate into your weekly team meeting or event. Each participant receives a Doodle Breaks™ NotePad that includes up to 80 doodles for future use.

Why Is Doodling So Effective For Stress Relief?

Doodling is not new. Using it as a habit for transforming your life and career is. These days competing priorities, urgency and repetitive high stress scenarios are part of daily living. This means you and your teams need a new habit to transform how you live your life and work. While you can’t always take time to do a meditation or an hour long yoga class, you can doodle almost anywhere and at any time of day. Not only that, but it’s 100% judgement free!

How Does Doodling Work?

From improving focus to greater productivity, discover how doodling transforms your teams' personal and professional productivity in as little as five minutes a day.

 It’s true. People have been doodling for millennia! 

 From a psychological standpoint, doodling or “spontaneous drawing” has been studied and verified as a means to decrease stress. 

 The repetition and rhythmic motions of doodling activate the relaxation response within the brain. 

 This simple five minute exercise is enough to lower the stress hormone called, “cortisol” and reset how people perceive current situations.  

What People Are Saying

"Melissa delivered in spades and we regularly promote Doodle Breaks™ to our clients and followers as a great tool to encourage more productivity, creativity, focus and stress management."
Director of Marketing & Communications,Bulletproof, a GLI company  
"I can’t say enough good things about Melissa Lloyd and her mindfulness approach to stress reduction. She was a huge hit with our veterans and first responders, prompting us to bring her back for encore workshops."
Executive Director, Landing Strong  
"We recently had Melissa join our program for a surprise Doodle Break™ session online via zoom. In just five minutes our community was relaxed, smiling, doodling and also learning about the scientific benefits it brings to creativity and personal health."
CEO, This is Marketing