Doodle Lovely

Meet Melissa

 I once was a person who’s mind and body ran at the speed of light. I travelled the world and was successful in the design industry, running a high-profile design company in London, UK. 

I moved back to the East Coast of Canada and had two beautiful children and continued my design work. But I hit my wall, not literally, internally. 

Life was full, I felt like I was on autopilot. I wondered who I was and how to juggle the internal and external noise of life. I was looking outwardly, when all the answers were right there inside of me. 

My journey is about bringing intentional calm and creativity using doodling as a key tool to help quiet the mind and connect to a place deep inside, that needs daily attention. 

When I started to doodle and nurture this place inside me, I found my spark for life, I felt at peace and began managing my stress and overwhelm. Taking daily Doodle Breaks provided ease and space to help manage whatever cropped up in my day.

Driving Industry Trends

Underneath it all I’m as human as they come. I stress over my kids and their wellbeing, I strive to be amazing at work, and I live with heart – even when I wear it on my sleeve. I want to be in this world as a compassionate, understanding woman who sees the imperfections and takes them with a grain of salt. I know we live in a society screaming for acceptance. So I’m here to drive the industry trend of being me for me and showing others how to do it for themselves through their own creative journey.

Soul Care From Around The Globe

My journey likely sounds familiar. In the beginning, I doubted doodling as a business … it wasn’t until I continued to doodle and lead with my heart that the veil lifted. I began to recognize that doodling was changing lives.... mine included. I focused my attention on the research, spending 1000's of hours understanding the science behind doodling. Now across the globe I ship doodle products and provide Doodle Breaks. 

The reality is, humans are humans. We all need ways to calm the mind and soothe the soul, maybe now more than ever.

Ready to get started? 

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