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Beginner Doodle By Number™


A judgment free creative outlet ‘Doodle By Number™’ gives you a minute or two of peace in an otherwise crazy, hectic, run in ten directions kind of world. Beautifully life changing, ‘Doodle By Number™’is easy to follow along with motivational quotes to refresh your mood and promote your wellbeing.

Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal


Break up with stress!

The Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal is your connection to soulful, judgement-free living.

If you want to feel happy, confident and relaxed regardless of how busy or chaotic things seem around you, the Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal will help you achieve that.

Using this journal for 5 minutes a day, will help you calm your mind, improve focus and help you to sleep better.

It’s amazing how this one tool can benefit you in so many ways!