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If you need an instant connection to feel happy, confident and relaxed, regardless of how chaotic things are around you…

Everything You See Listed Below Is Included In The Doodle Template Download

In this daily doodle calendar, you’ll get 365 days of 5 minute stress-less creativity exercises.  Everyday you’ll have an instant connection to soulful positivity and calm.  

A super fun way to envision and implement your reutrn to ‘Me-Time’.  Connect with the things you love, fill your soul with joy, open yourself up to all things that make you happy.

Each week you’ll use this template to action small steps to keep your mind, body and soul aligned. Using this template your stress melts away while you return to feeling whole.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It… See What Our Creative Mind Happy Soul Customers Have To Say!

My Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal sits on my nightstand.  I often find it difficult to wind down after a busy day.  The combination of journalling with a doodle exericse is the ideal activity to help me feel relaxed so I can get a good night’s sleep.  I have also noticed that doodling has helped me tap into my own creative side so I can come up with new ideas for my own business.

The Creative Mind, Happy Soul Journal is a must-tool to help a busy person feel grounded!

Corina Walsh

President, Shift People Development

I’m so grateful for Melissa’s journey to create Doodle Lovely!

I was constantly finding myself barely hanging on through the day, scrambling to feel caught up or find a moment to breathe.

Melissa encouraged me to try even just one page in the Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal…one page led to two, then three…I was hooked.

The process has made me realize how taking even five minutes can change my outlook on the day. Slowing down and focusing on the simple things has enabled me to look at my life from a different perspective and make time for little ‘ol me, so I can be healthy and happy with loved ones around me. Thank you Melissa!!!


President, Lovely Studio West Coast