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Hello back to school. Hello back to me!


I am not sure about you, but this summer was an abundance of fun! Making memories, going on holiday to my favourite place by the ocean with my family and one ice cream too many. Sounds amazing right?

Yes, it was! But with all this fabulousness, routine goes waaayy out of the window in summer. With late nights, dinner whenever it happens, so many kids camps, I am not sure I was even able to keep it straight. Trying to balance work, well that is a whole other story. The very fact I was able to get through summer was more than a miracle!

So as summer fades, I am ready more than ever to get back into a routine! For me this comes with back to school. As the kids settle into a routine; yes, there will be rushing around trying to pack a lot in, but that is where the importance of planning a new routine is so important. Now is the time for planning your “me” time.

So why is routine so important?

It is not only important for children but for adults too! This will help you stay organized, focused and allow you to act and keep life moving in the direction YOU want it to go! Routine helps us build healthy habits, makes us more efficient and makes us great at things! Repetition is the key. “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

So as back to school is almost here and you start to fill up your calendar, start thinking about YOU! How will you can find little blocks of time to build on your own time for YOU? What will you do next month? Perhaps it is joining a book club, planning more time for exercise or learn something new!

Looking for an idea? Check out this month’s Daily Doodle.


Happy back to school!


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