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In today’s fast-paced world, women are experiencing more stress at every stage of their lives than ever before.  We’ve created stress-less activities, that take 5 minutes or less to calm your mind, fuel your soul and uplift your energy.  Try it now for FREE and break your stress story instantly.

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I can’t say enough good things about Melissa Lloyd and her mindfulness approach to stress reduction. Melissa is passionate about the creative process, inspiring all those she works with through the use of doodling techniques to explore emotion. She was a huge hit with our veterans and first responders, prompting us to bring her back for encore workshops. I am astonished by the depth of the work she was able to do with our participants, even those who initially thought they did not have a creative bone in their body. We are so pleased to have discovered such a valuable resource and plan to bring her back for many more workshops to come.

Executive Director, Landing Strong

"We recently had Doodle Lovely join our program for a surprise session online via zoom. It was something fresh and different which was really needed on our Zoom calls and Melissa was the perfect host - calm, creative and warm to everyone on the call. In just 5 minutes our community was relaxed, smiling, doodling and also learning about the scientific benefits."


Founder, This is Marketing