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Finding your positive voice during the winter months


I was driving in the car yesterday with my children and we had a very insightful discussion about negativity and positivity. This came after my son had a grumpy moment at home. I thought I would chat about negativity hoping to bring awareness about how this may impact not only him, but others.

This subject ties in well with the winter blues. Lack of sun light, cold, windy days, being extra cautious around spending after the Christmas season can have an immediate effect on your mood, often resulting in feeling low. Irritability, short temperedness, depression, difficulty waking up in the mornings are all part of the winter blues. Be aware of your emotions, especially the negative ones!

As we travelled along, I listened to both of my children speak about negativity. Thankfully our destination was not far, as when I stopped the car, I immediately tried to capture their exact words, typing their responses as fast as I could on my i-phone notes.

These responses are right from my children’s mouths and provide great insight into how we all can implement more positivity in our lives.

Mom: What is negativity?

Children: Well Mom, negativity is a virus. Something that goes around and around in your head and then spreads to other people. Next thing you know it is all over the world and if we are not careful, this will end in a mass destruction of positivity.

Mom: So how can we overcome negative emotions?


  1. Express your imagination
  2. Spend more time with people you love
  3. Eat yummy & healthy foods
  4. Smile, smile, smile
  5. Don’t let words or names hurt you
  6. Think of sunshine in your day, like something happy
  7. Take a hike/walk in the forest, any exercise will do
  8. Step out into the fresh air
  9. Listen to happy music
  10. Take time out and sit by a window
  11. Spend time with your pet. Mom did you know they bring your heart rate down? When you stroke your pet, you will feel more relaxed and happy.
  12. Talk about it
  13. Do a peaceful activity
  14. Be creative – doodle, draw, colour, bake, cook, garden or take care of plants


So, there you have it! Take a moment to think how you may be feeling. Try the ideas  above to bring out your positive voice! This is not one size fits all, so you may have to try out a couple of these suggestions. But, when you find some that work, stick with them!

Wishing you a lovely and positive day,

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