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Finding Your Reset Button


Wowzers, you may be wondering where I have been! It seems I was swallowed by that great big word ‘busyness’. It is amazing how it can throw you completely off, feeling like it just comes out of nowhere and stays much longer than you would like.


How does it happen?

So, I have been all over the place. Quite literally. Multiple trips, being a Mom, keeping up with all occasions (ha ha, how many special occasions can there be in one month?!), keeping up with the busyness and trying to plan ahead. Not to mention cooking, after all, eating is important! Does this sound like your life? Well this whirlwind or juggling act is a sure way to fall into empty busyness. Hence why it has been hard for me to keep my focus and keep up lately!

So as a reminder to you and myself, I want to give you the low down on empty busyness and how to go back to back gaining more happiness in our lives.


What is the cycle of ’empty busyness’?

Well, it is similar to living a life on autopilot. You just seem to be running around and not really getting anywhere that truly makes you feel good. It is like a record that continually skips, so you never get to hear that beautiful song. So often we are just keeping up with the demands of life, running to the next meeting, driving to the next child’s activity or trying to figure out how to stay ahead.


Regain your calm when things feel like they are out of control! 

There are a couple of Doodle Lovely pillars I always go back to when life is overwhelming, or if you are feeling blue. When completing one pillar, the next one reveals itself… just like magic!


PILLAR 1 – Bringing calm to your life
This is the first step, and the most important! Without a calm mind, it is very difficult to move to the next. Let’s face it, a calm mind is the golden ticket to not only your well-being but living a happier life. Finding your calm can come in many ways, choose anything that can help quiet your mind, such as meditation, cooking, yoga or listening to music to start.


PILLAR 2 – Seeing more clearly
There is a lot to be said by having greater clarity in a world where we are constantly bombarded by information, noise and our own internal dialogue. When you have a calm mind, you start to make room for greater clarity. Seeing with greater clarity helps you make better decisions, focus and feel sharper all round.


PILLAR 3 – Take hold of creativity
When we have made space in our minds, our creativity starts to flow or we have the space to be inspired by creativity. Now I am not saying you will be the next Picasso (well maybe you can), but the word ‘creativity’ is all about problem solving and how you handle the stress of everyday life. Invite more creative activities such as doodling, writing, cooking or exercise to help propel you to the final step!


PILLAR 4 – Voila a more confident you!
The more creative we become means we are stretching our minds, trying new things and building a MORE confident you. Let’s face it, this is SO important. This helps you ensure that you do NOT live on autopilot, and live a life where you feel great about yourself!


Press your reset button!

So, for me, it’s back to doodling! This is one of my ‘happy places’ and takes me through all the pillars, while having fun and taking time to myself.

You may be wondering how much time the above process takes. It only takes ONLY 5 minutes!! None of these need to take much time, but it’s about making a choice to make time for YOU. Start by slowing that busy mind of yours and benefit from the rest. Start by pausing, take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly. Choose one activity that makes you happy and dabble in it for 5 minutes…the rest will fall into place!


Wishing you a lovely rest of your week.

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