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Where You Can Find More Time!


“Time is what we want most, but we use worst.” William Penn


How often do you hear yourself say ‘I do not have time’ in the run of a day? Well, I am here to help you find that little bit of time! You will never find the time if you do not make it yourself.


Why should ‘time for you’ be one of the top things on your list?

Because this is one of the most important things to encourage self-love and keep your stress levels at a minimum.

Many people’s lives are filled with to-do lists, from the time they get up until the time they go to sleep. Everything that TRULY needs to get done, will get done! The other stuff may be on your list, but is not pressing. You will continue to plough through these. The great thing is you are checking things off, BUT you are not finding ‘time for you’. How can you? If you’re constantly putting yourself to the bottom of the list! There will ALWAYS be a list of to-do’s, that is life and it is not going away!


How do we begin?

Set your day with intention and plan what your top three goals are in your work and at home. Once you have done this, focus on your goals for the day and then just get them done. When you are done, it is ‘time for you’!

Do you know one BIG reason we do not accomplish goals is because we can be easily distracted or we set our goals too high?

The approach that I have found that works best for me is to schedule time in with myself, like I am going to see a client. On a Sunday, I will take a small amount of time to plan my week. I use the time blocking method as this is the perfect way to stay on track and ‘find time for me’! To learn more about what time blocking is, click here.


Do one thing from the list below to find more time for you!

1. Take time away from technology
– Technology is an important part of my life, but I have learned boundaries with this influential time sucker. Technology is a very big reason why so many ‘do not have enough time’. Did you know that Canadians spend on average of 30 hours a week (and this does not include directional scrolling) on social media? That’s a lot!!! ESPECIALLY if we do not have enough time.

2. Start small – Do you want to pick up that book that you always wanted to read or perhaps do a little exercise? Read a couple of pages or go for a 5 minute walk. So often when we aspire to do BIG things, we never get to it because we set our vision too large.

3. Me-time lunch date – Spend ONE lunch time a week doing something for you. So, pick one lunch hour and stick with it.

4. For the busy Mom – Are you a busy Mom with little ones stuck to your leg? This may be the ONLY time I suggest you multi-task 🙂 Set your little one(s) with a box of things to play with and while they are having fun, you can take that time to do something for you. OR you can include them in what you are doing.

5. Get up 15 minutes earlier each morning – Firstly, this quiet time is amazing!!! Everything is still and there is an incredible amount of calm. Relish this time to do something for you, even if it is to just sit there.

6. Say ‘no’ a whole lot more  It is aaamazing how much time we can spend on saying ‘yes’ to others for fear of looking bad. We must protect OUR time. If you have not scheduled any time for you, perhaps you may feel better and less tired if you limit the amount you say ‘yes’! If you’ve scheduled your ‘me time’ don’t be quick to give it away!


It is all about finding time to do things you enjoy! Perhaps it is writing, reading, hiking, gardening or cooking. Whatever it may be, be sure to pick an activity that will fit in the amount of time you have, otherwise you will not relax. If I have 5 minutes I will doodle, write or read a couple pages in a book!

Finding time can look differently for each person. Perhaps you like the larger chunks of time. If so, once a week perhaps enroll yourself in a class you always wanted to take. I used to love, and looked forward to, having one night a week to get out of the house. I always wanted to try pottery, so this was my weekly ‘me time’!

Other ways are to have those smaller 5-10 minute windows that you can use to recharge your batteries. Instead of grabbing for the phone, grab a book!

No matter how much time you have, make it count! Spending time wisely will make all the difference to your mind and happiness levels.

Enjoy your ‘time for you’!

P.S. Try the Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal as a perfect place to unwind when you do not have much time.


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