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If you want to feel happy, confident and relaxed regardless of how busy or chaotic things seem around you, the Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal will help you achieve that.

Your 5 minutes to fuel your soul can be found in any moment… even when you’re on the go.  The Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal was designed to fit in small spaces so you’re always empowered with tools to instantly increase your confidence and feel good about yourself. Five Minutes Is Really All You Need!

You are awesome! When you give yourself your 5 minutes, you’ll activate the brain centres that create joy, gratitude and calm molecules.  That means any competing priority that would otherwise override your awesomeness, falls away – effortlessly. Support For Your Awesomeness Is Here! 

Staying on track, maintaining your direction and purpose while feeling free has never been easier. You’ll finally have a tool that helps you override judgement and self-criticism.  Imagine an instant connection to your real self-worth and value so you have a guilt free life.  It’s waiting for you!


You’re one of a kind. Would you agree with that?

Would you also agree then, that to live your happiest life, you need to feel connected with your unique values and soulful desires?

And maybe you’re asking yourself,

“How can I have a truly happy life when I’m juggling so many competing priorities… Where do I find time to discover who I am so I can harness a connection to clarity, creativity and confidence?”

You’re not alone in thinking those thoughts – most women feel this daily, but you don’t have to keep feeling that way.

When you purchase the Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal, in as little as 5 minutes a day, you’ll reconnect with your unique self and uncover you’re one-of-a-kind awesome happy life.

Feel good about your life

You know that in 5 minutes, you can move mountains and likely you often do – right?

The problem is that most often, you move mountains for others and forget about yourself.

So what if we give you those 5 minutes back – just for you – and in that time you had a simple activity that empowers you to feel good about your life and yourself.

This amazing journal allows you as a busy working parent, constantly juggling time demands, the freedom to finally be the best version of yourself.

You deserve 5 minutes right? We believe you do too.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It… See What Our Creative Mind Happy Soul Customers Have To Say!

My Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal sits on my nightstand. I often find it difficult to wind down after a busy day. The combination of journalling with a doodle exericse is the ideal activity to help me feel relaxed so I can get a good night’s sleep. I have also noticed that doodling has helped me tap into my own creative side so I can come up with new ideas for my own business.

The Creative Mind, Happy Soul Journal is a must-tool to help a busy person feel grounded!

Corina Walsh

President, Shift People Development

I’m so grateful for Melissa’s journey to create Doodle Lovely!

I was constantly finding myself barely hanging on through the day, scrambling to feel caught up or find a moment to breathe.

Melissa encouraged me to try even just one page in the Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal… one page led to two, then three… I was hooked.

The process has made me realize how taking even five minutes can change my outlook on the day. Slowing down and focusing on the simple things has enabled me to look at my life from a different perspective and make time for little ‘ol me, so I can be healthy and happy with loved ones around me. Thank you Melissa!!!


President, Lovely Studio West Coast