Doodle Lovely

It's the most wonderful time of the year to bring the Create Mind Happy Soul journals into yours and others life.

Going into the journal you bring a little peacefulness into your day, a place to tune out from the world so that you can recover from a busy day with stressful demands.

The Creative Mind Happy Soul Gratitude Journal is an inspirational self-care bestselling book. This has been called out as one of the top products by Mindfulness Magazine.

WHY is this journal so impactful? Using this mindfulness journal for 5 minutes a day will give you a place to help calm your mind, improve your focus and build your confidence.

Inside there is space to track your mood, spur gratitude, prompt self-reflection through journalling and helping you to build your creative confidence with doodling exercises that help you to practice being in the process.

It's a winning personal growth tool and its easy!

When you buying this bundle, we will automatically send you a FREE Doodle Doers pen. If our favourite tool to use in these books!