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Choosing Positivity (Grinch vs Elf)

How are you doing? I ask because I know there is extra pressure around this time of year.

Someone asked me the other day, “Melissa how do you keep so positive?” My response, “It is not all the time, but more days than not.” Truth be told, it’s healthy to experience all emotions. Including meltdowns and really BIG ugly cries! But, if you are noticing that perhaps negative feelings are weighing you down more often than not, perhaps it’s time to make a little adjustment!

Living an abundantly full life for many women includes: juggling constantly, adapting to daily changes, responsibilities and to do’s. Guess what? This is the quickest way to wear yourself down, leaving you feeling the least like yourself and less positive! Compound this with the holiday season and we can often find ourselves in a stressed out, overwhelmed state. (Enter Grinch) Negativity starts to take over, removing the ability to enjoy the seasonal yule tide. More often than not, our negative voices are subconscious and they can just fall right out of our mouths!

So how can you keep more of that positive mindset – especially during a full holiday season? This comes from a choice to be aware of how you are reacting and how you are with yourself and those around you. (Out comes Elf!)


How to start your positive mindset!

Be aware (look for the Grinch in you)

This can take a while but you can observe patterns within yourself. When you recognize a pattern (or the Grinch) stop it!  Start to speak differently to yourself and to others.


Check in with yourself (looking for the happy Elf)

Is there anything that seems to bring out your negativity? Are there people around you who are negative? There may be – such as family, and you cannot just say beat it! But you CAN set boundaries on how much time you spend with them. (Don’t smother the Elf) We feel much better when we are around people that are positive! Seek them out!


Can you see differently (identifying Grinch)

Look at a person that is being negative. Can you can see a deep-rooted fear of something in their life resulting in their (Grinch) negativity? By taking the time to see in a different way we become more compassionate which in turn helps us to be less affected by negativity. (Exit Grinch – Enter Elf)


Letting someone know (help in banishing your Grinch)

If you are comfortable, let someone close to you know what you are trying to work on. “I am working on bringing a more positive mindset to my life. Would you mind letting me know if I am speaking negatively?”


Positive posture (standing tall, like an Elf!)

Even if you are struggling to feel positive you can move your body! Try standing tall and straight, start moving your shoulders. You will begin to feel more positive and start to experience a big difference in feeling YOU! (Only Grinches slouch!)


Doing something kind (Elf all the way!)

This is one of the most wonderful ways to get out of your own world and truly forget about everything around you (just for a moment). Especially at this time of year, doing something for someone else is a wonderful way to increase your positivity. There will be no possible way for any Grinch in you to survive!


It truly is the little things. The way you choose to wake up and face the world each day, how you choose to react. Finding your own pace in life and how firmly or graciously you place your feet on the ground.  These are simple things you choose and can only come from you.


Each time you feel like the pressure pot is boiling and negativity (Grinch) is taking over, stop stirring, take a break from the internal dialogue in your head or with others. Give yourself a moment to take a breath and think about how you will choose to move forward! Will this be led by a negative Grinch or will this be positive Elf?


I hope this brings more Elf to you at this most festive (and busy) time!

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