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Your Slowing Down Check-Up

Your Slowing Down Check-Up

How often do you slow down?

Time management and productivity when it comes to goal setting and achieving is really important. But there is also something just as important that as woman we seem to be missing out on… the ability to slow down.

For most of us, the very notion of slowing down, seems like a distant calling and is rarely ever felt. We can only think of ‘there is so much to do, in so little time’. Anytime for slowing down, gets left to last on the list.

Perhaps your window of slowing down may come after the children are in bed or after all your to do’s have been done. It is at this time the mind and body are exhausted and require no more doing. So we default to scrolling or watching the next episode on Netflix. This seems the perfect fit… this is my slowing down time. Check!

I used to live my life like this and realized this was not the slowing down that so many speak about. The concept of slowing down, so we can enjoy life does not come when we are exhausted. I was living a life on auto pilot and felt I was not really living to the fullest… perhaps existing… yes.

When I realized that slowing down did not have to come in large chunks of time and did not have to be left to the last, I started to take 5 minutes throughout the day just for me. These times were top ups that helped me get through the full days and feel as though I was living! I would sit in quietness, take a walk, doodle, or read a book. My mindset had always been to do as much as I can while I am working, how I was burning out slowly and doing it all backwards.

Slowing down in these moments and enjoying life, was a reminder that life isn’t all about be constantly being busy and starving yourself from slowing down throughout the day. Yes there is time to ‘go’, but there is a time to ‘slow’. Relax.

Giving yourself permission to slow down is a critical piece to add to your time management schedule. It WILL boost your productivity and more importantly your health and living.

Today pick one small thing you can do to slow down and then enjoy every minute!

~ Melissa

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