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What’s in my Doodle Kit?

What’s in my Doodle Kit?

Often when I’m going from one place to the next, I’ll always have my Doodle Kit in my bag. This way it is always at my fingertips. So, if I’m in the studio, I can take a break or at home this often sits on my bedside table.

I never really know when I may need it. But knowing I have this provides peace of mind, enabling me to engage with healthier habits, not to mention having everything together in one place.

I wanted to share with you what’s inside my Doodle Kit.

This is a fun bag filled with my favorite things!

The first thing is having a place to put everything. The Doodle Carry All will not fall apart and you can wash it forever. I could not find one and so I created one in cute doodle patterns.

Lavender Calming Spray – I ALWAYS have this. A couple of sprays of this lavender and deep breath in, is a great way to start my transition to creating, leaving me with a sense of joy!

Doodle Doers & Staedtler's – we all have different pens we like, but my preference is inks that run right out of the pen, that are fine tip and help me with feeling creative. I love the Doodle Doers! My other favourites are Staedtlers, lots of variety and different types of tips.

Doodle Notebook  You’re All the Fuel Your Fire Needs. Having this notebook means I have a place to go. Sometimes I’ll doodle combining with journaling, letting my inner creativity go wherever it wants to. I very rarely have a plan. If you’re looking for a couple of Mindful Doodle projects, visit the ‘Doodle Your Calm’ sessions on Facebook. This will keep you calm for the next while.

Doodling & Colours – I always love a little bit of colour! Tombows are one of my favourites as they have two sides. One if you’re feeling a bit more painterly and the other has a tip for more precision. Tombows come in a variety of colours – which I love.

Doodling and building habits means having things at hand, so this is why my Doodle Kit joins me wherever I go!

These are my favourites, but I would LOVE to hear yours.

Melissa x