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Are You Existing or Living?

Are You Existing or Living?

Many of us are spending our lives existing rather than living. We are increasingly glued to screens, working more than we would like, and rushing around on auto pilot.

While this happens, the real beauty of life, being in the moment is passing us by.

What if you could turn existing into truly living? Well you can! It starts by taking time to unplug.

This may sound challenging, especially as we've almost doubled our technology use to help us move through the pandemic. You may find you are putting in more screen time than ever, which is why it's even more important to take time to unplug.  

Unplugging can be just a few minutes in your day, taking a break from technology, the to-do‘s and the day-to-day busyness, allowing you to focus on the present and encourage the living back into your life.

How can you unplug? Perhaps it's choosing not to scroll when you get up in the morning, instead sitting by the window, sipping your favourite beverage to start your day. This could also mean turning work off at a certain time, no evening emails interrupting quality time with yourself or your loved ones. Your version of unplugged is whatever works best for you.

Life is a gift, here to be enjoyed, seen and lived. Often, we do not allow ourselves this time because we are constantly plugged in. 

Take a moment to think about where in your day you can unplug? 

Next think about if you are existing or living?

If you answered existing, perhaps it’s time to unplug.


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