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Staying Connected While Apart

Staying Connected While Apart

The holiday season will look different this year.

For some this will be ok while for others this may provide additional stress and anxiety, especially when there will be many traditions that may not be possible.

Studies show that strong social connection can strengthen our immune system, also lower anxiety and depression, and help regulate emotions.

What can you do this year to keep your connections and traditions still going strong?

The first thing is to acknowledge this year is going to be different BUT you can make it just as meaningful.

A helpful exercise to do is doodle a list of the 3 of the most important things that this time of year means to you. Look at your list and see if you are able to still do these things. If not, how can you be creative to make these things happen?

While many of us are disconnected from those we love, we are fortunate enough to have the ability to use technology to bring us together.

If you normally have a large family gathering over the holidays cooking a certain meal, perhaps this year each family cooks the same dinner and enjoys this together while on Zoom or another sharing platform. Or maybe this year you all suprise one another with what you have cooked!

Remember to focus on the connections that you have and also invite new ideas into what makes the holiday season special for you and those around you.

Are you looking for a creative way to bring you and your loved ones together over the holidays? If so, click here to print this Holiday Doodle By Number. Share this with others as a way to stay connected, you can even create a time when you can doodle this activity together.