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Rituals for 2021

New Year 2021

Are you a resolution kind of person?

I have never seemed to be, as a resolution seems so firm and absolute. Often a resolution is an idea of what you SHOULD do often defined by external influences.

Creating change requires a connection to what we are choosing to engage with, bringing meaning into our daily life with things we value. Change requires more than a functional approach — no method will work if your heart is not in it. This is why rituals are deeply powerful.

A ritual is a daily practice that helps you to enjoy the journey, NOT the destination. Rituals provide a sense of purpose to life, offering a sense of renewal and time-out from your everyday routine. This could be spiritual, but it can also be anything from reading a book, listening to music, exercising a creative hobby or doing stretches.

Remember, what may work for today, may not work tomorrow. This feels much more in the realm of listening to yourself and providing a flow rather than rigidity. Rituals help us start something that is important to us, helping us build a positive mindset and drive us to do something - like a new project!

It’s important to create special space for your ritual. Your personal time is precious, especially if you find you do not have any extra. Building a ritual around something you would like to do 5 minutes a day is so important not only for your happiness, but to help move through another unique year ahead; providing a greater sense of ease, protecting your time, space and energy to take care of you.

Start small - like really small and enjoy the journey without overwhelm, but still making a change. Happy start to 2021!

Yes, this is true, “You are what you repeatedly do.” — Aristotle

Melissa x

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