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Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Our heart is not only one of the most important organs, it is the connection to our emotional wellbeing!

The fact is, we spend more time listening to our minds constantly nattering away, creating stories, causing uncertainty, jumpiness and fearfulness; all causing stress. This has a negative impact on our hearts. 

When we learn to listen and connect with our heart, we are able to find a sense of calm. We can experience emotions including love. All the while, with the added benefit of boosting our levels of dopamine! This is the feeling of pleasure. 

 “love – in its many many forms – can reach deep inside you and carry you into the creative realm.  Love can melt you into bliss. Suddenly, you burst with creative energy.  Love and creativity chase each other, play, dance, and tease each other into the most authentic and complete human experiences.” 

For years I listened to my head. Yes, it is important at times when rationality is required - but strengthen the heart and this will strengthen the mind. I had to be intentional to become reacquainted with listening to my heart. The heart is timeless and devoted to helping you get what you really want here and now. Step back to a time you enjoyed something so much you were bursting with joy! This was feeling from the heart not from the head!

A quick way to connect to our hearts is through creative activity. While doodling we are teaching our minds to rest, not allowing it to overthink and chatter. Here we are connecting to our intuition and heart. This is building strength - like taking a shower on the inside. Every time we quiet the mind we are showing deep care for ourselves. We are building a healthier heart. 

So, pick up a pen, let your marks flow. It may feel awkward at first, or you may not be realizing your calm. Go ahead, put on your favourite music, take a deep breath. Keep revisiting this creative exercise noticing each time how you feel. Is your head guiding you or your heart? Like everything… practice with little steps. One thing is for sure ... each time you make time, your heart will be thanking you.

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