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Is this EVER going to end?

Is this EVER going to end?

Are you getting tired? Tired of social distancing and wearing a mask?

Perhaps you’re noticing that you do not have the focus or motivation to keep your healthy habits goingOr, you are not finding those joyful moments throughout your day.

I want to let you know, you are not aloneNo wonder so many are saying they are experiencing Pandemic Fatigue.  Yes this is a real thing! 6 months of not knowing, disruptions to what our lives once were and an incredible amount of information we are trying to process that constantly changes. 

Here is the thing with Pandemic Fatigue. Scott Bea, PsyD says when we’re fatigued we want to rest, but the more rest we get, the more fatigued we feel.”

So how can we get ourselves out of this cycle and start feeling better right nowThe answer lies with a willingness to do small uncomfortable things to help copeRecharging our mental batteries through new actions will help you get back on track!

Is there a new social distancing activity you can do that excites you or something you will enjoy? Let me know – it’s important to share! Whatever your answer may be, do it and repeat it every day. 

Here’s the thing, the more we practice the easier it gets. Taking time, any time, with you is a great self-care activity you can do anytime and anywhere.

Need a little motivation or help? Join me on Wellness Wednesdays, 8pm AST for a Doodle Break on Facebook or order a Doodle book that can help you recharge – even if all you have is 5 minutes.

Remember you may be tired, but you are amazing!

Melissa x