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Finding Your Anchor In Uncertain Times

Finding Your Anchor In Uncertain Times

I bet you’ve had to make some very big adjustments to your life! I have!

Schools and businesses are still closed. Rising numbers of infection, worry for our loved ones, staying at home, unsettling shifts in routine weekly and still trying to process what is actually happening.  Like you, I see this every day and it’s not easy. It is easy to become overwhelmed and disorientated right now.

I have caught myself lost the haze of this pandemic at times. Have you?

In the beginning I was trying to do it all. Work, home, school, fun with kids, keep the house in a somewhat reasonable state and spending time with my husband. My sleep patterns were off – I got sucked into Netflix series and, I was snacking! I was NEVER a snacker!

How was I feeling? This picture comes to mind – like a bell buoy on the ocean! Not anchored just floating, getting caught in its swirls. I was spinning and the clamouring of the bell would sound with each sweeping wave. Going round, back and forth, up and down, unable to find my anchor.

I needed to gain my own sense of calm! And so, that evening I created a loose routine for myself. This included blocking off the time I needed for my own self-care and right now I needed extra! This was not elaborate… some things do change each day, but now there is a structure in place.

I put myself to bed early… The very next day I started …

I got up an 1/2 hour before everyone else. If you can wake up earlier than everyone, I highly recommend it! Early morning brings such calmness, giving time to ease into the day and take your breath before the rest of the house catapults into action.

My day starts with journaling and doodling… a place to let my pen do the talking. Building in this time does three things for me each day…

  • Brings internal calm immediately. The haze is lifting and the sound of the bell is rarely heard.
  • Allows a greater attention span, mood, and elevated energy levels throughout the day.
  • Knowing I am extra gentle with myself and filling up my cup.

What do you need to feel anchored? Is it exercise, read, or simply sit in quietness with a cup of tea?

Find your anchor and drop it as soon as you can… start small. If all you have is 5 minutes, do this for you!

Wishing you well,

Melissa x