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Are you aiming too high? Then it is time to aim low!


Do you want to know the trick to getting past feeling the pressures of your everyday to dos? Aim low my friend!

Are you someone who creates a bigger to do list than is possible in a day? You may be constantly setting yourself up for feelings of disappointment, bringing on stress, feeling you did not do enough – heck, not feeling as though you are enough! This all feeds into your negative self.

When aiming too high, we are often rushing through to get things done. We are not always doing things in a present state which takes out all enjoyment and quality control, and the more important things may be falling by the wayside. Aiming too high can mean we are overwhelmed and we do not get anything done!

Now I am not saying not to have big goals or work hard each day. But rather, each day when you ‘aim low’ you put less pressure on yourself. Expecting less means you actually do more!

Guess what? No more time wasting energy by worrying about what is not getting done.


So how does it work?

Each day write 3 things down that will move you closer toward a goal. This can be in business or something in your personal life. Then focus and get it done!


What will happen?

You create a list that is realistic and you will complete it! This is where everything beyond the initial 3 things is a BONUS!

Get ready because it feels great and has a significant impact on creating a mindset shift. Focus on more positives while leaving disappointment at the door.

All because I choose to aim low!


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