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Have you noticed how the evenings are getting darker earlier and the mornings are feeling more crisp? 

I awake in the mornings with the greatest of all yawns and wonder how did summer go by so quickly? 

When I take a moment to connect to summer memories, it is so easy to sigh and start to feel after summer blues. 

What are after summer blues you may ask? 

The… did I do enough with the people I love (my children in particular), did I take advantage of the weather… get out and explore enough… did I really relax enough? The place our minds can take us when we put so much pressure to make everything happen during the warmer and longer days. 

It takes a conscious snap to wake out of this unravelling mindset. Our minds tend to forget the things we DID do and staying in touch with our summer feelings; the kayaking, the bon fires, the blankets on the deck, the hulling of rhubarb, the family and friends. Take a moment to think about what you DID do this summer.  

Living and connecting from fullness, rather than emptiness, brings an abundant attitude and shift of how we reflect on the season that we are in.  

Each season has its highs and lows and it is important to not put extra pressure on ourselves as we move into another season. Every day we experience the richness of the season we are in… if we choose to be aware of it.  

Be extra graceful with yourself as you move into the month of September, it definitely is a full one for most of us. 

Enjoy your day and remember all we really have is this actual minute.


Melissa x

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