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All you need is 5 minutes and our proven Manage Your Daily Stress Instant Download to get immediate relief!  This simple yet powerful activity engages the creative centres in your brain to recenter your thinking while massaging the areas that calm your nervous system.

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When your mind is given the opportunity to release things that don’t matter, so you re-focus on what does, your day becomes happier and easier!

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A massive benefit with Doodle Lovely products is the instant noticeable stress reduction. Let stress be a feeling of the past!

Hello, I’m Melissa

I’m the creator of Doodle Lovely; a professional woman helping other busy women connect to their greatest treasures… themselves.

Doodle Lovely is a guide to soul-care through a collection of creative tools, bringing you calm, confidence and conscious connection to live a better life.

I once struggled to keep my head above water. Because of my design background I would doodle to relieve stress. Then it became something we did in our family… which then spread to our community.

After seeing how much joy it brought to the souls of other women, I couldn’t contain it to just our community any longer. That’s when I created the Doodle Lovely journals and began showing other women, just like me, a tool of empowerment that only takes 5 minutes but creates a massive relief.

Fuel your soul with me and I guarantee you’ll live a life that is filled with joy, gratitude and excitement.

Fuel your Soul today!







Happy soul customers say this about Doodle Lovely products

“Last week, I had the pleasure to attend a workshop organized and presented by Melissa Lloyd as part of the Positive Thinkers Club seminar. I love her style of presentation with lots of two way interactive practical doodling and Q&A. The slides and diagrams were easy to understand. THANK YOU”.


President, Positive Thinkers Club

"We recently had Doodle Lovely join our program for a surprise session online via zoom. It was something fresh and different which was really needed on our Zoom calls and Melissa was the perfect host - calm, creative and warm to everyone on the call. In just 5 minutes our community was relaxed, smiling, doodling and also learning about the scientific benefits."


Founder, This is Marketing