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Corporate Doodle Breaks™

Decrease stress and increase your teams focus & creativity.

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Manage Your Daily Stress 

All you need is 5 minutes and our proven Manage Your Daily Stress Instant Download to get immediate relief!  This simple yet powerful activity engages the creative centres in your brain to recenter your thinking while massaging the areas that calm your nervous system.

Download it now for FREE & start fuelling your soul and releasing your stress instantly!

76% Happier Day

When your mind is given the opportunity to release things that don’t matter, so you re-focus on what does, your day becomes happier and easier!

81% Sounder Sleep

Falling asleep after using the Creative Mind Happy Soul Journal allows you to release any cluttered thoughts so you sleep soundly and deeply!

80% Brain Boost

Boost brain creativity! Start problem solving efficiently, navigate decisions eloquently and bring your ideas to life! 

92% Less Stress

A massive benefit with Doodle Lovely products is the instant noticeable stress reduction. Let stress be a feeling of the past!

Hello, I’m Melissa

I’m the creator of Doodle Lovely; a professional woman helping other busy women connect to their greatest treasures… themselves.

Doodle Lovely is a guide to soul-care through a collection of creative tools, bringing you calm, confidence and conscious connection to live a better life.

I once struggled to keep my head above water. Because of my design background I would doodle to relieve stress. Then it became something we did in our family… which then spread to our community.

After seeing how much joy it brought to the souls of other women, I couldn’t contain it to just our community any longer. That’s when I created the Doodle Lovely journals and began showing other women, just like me, a tool of empowerment that only takes 5 minutes but creates a massive relief.

Fuel your soul with me and I guarantee you’ll live a life that is filled with joy, gratitude and excitement.

Happy soul customers say this about Doodle Lovely products

“Doodle Lovely from Melissa Lloyd is fantastic A platform that creates magic in life thanks to Melissa’s precious pieces of advice. Doodle Lovely is one of my favorite places to find inspiration in my everyday life; so if you want to give “yourself the gift of a calm mind, empowering greater clarity, creativity, and confidence, I definitely recommend Doodlelovely.com”

Caroline Philippeaux

Unconditional Doodle Lovely Fan

“I love that the journal is so easy to use because let’s face it- life is complicated enough already! The instructions are simple such that everyday I can jump into each new page without hesitation or intimidation. It challenges me without making journaling difficult!” 

Eva Martinez

Vice President at Women in Aerospace Canada