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We’ve got your back in this crazy world. Our products and resources are tested with success on ourselves and our brave & supportive family and friends. We approach all aspects of our business with a genuine care for the wellness of all human beings.
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Happy, Productive People

Happy people create a positive and productive workplace. Achieve a thriving business through a creative mind and happy soul.

Does your company need, improved
productivity, innovation, problem solving and team morale?

Doodle Lovely offers guided workshops helping people learn about the importance of practising self-care and embracing creativity in their lives. The results; increased happiness, confidence and greater workplace performance!

You and your employees will leave feeling inspired and thinking differently about how you approach your everyday busy life.

This workshop introduces key ideas and exercises to make our lives happier and healthier.


Our workshops assume no prior artistic ability. It is suitable for those who just want to bring more creativity and happiness results to their personal and professional life.

Our workshops will encourage:


Greater productivity

High functioning teams




AMY REID - Vice President

“I have had the pleasure of having Melissa from Doodle Lovely speak to business groups twice. Both were excellent! Melissa offers a new way of thinking and perspective on creativity and how it can influence so many facets of one’s life, not only personally but professionally as well.  Her messages around bringing creativity and more calm into your life, really resonated for many.  Her sessions were terrific team builders, and were great personal and professional development opportunities”.

SUSAN CASEY - Principal (East St. Margarets)

“Our staff had had a rough year with work to rule and lock-outs. We asked Melissa to join us for our Spring 2017 Professional Development to help remind us that we need to take time for ourselves. Melissa was so engaging and affirming. She helped each staff member realize their own creativity.  Melissa offered different ways we can make time for ourselves each day and ways we can bring out our inner artist.  I would absolutely recommend Melissa for staff engagement sessions around health and wellness.”

Connect now for a consultation or to book your session towards a creative mind and happy soul!

  • Self love is one of the most important assets to your well-being and exists in each and everyone of us! Finding it, every person gains a completely different life. It is the small things you do that amount to the most incredible outcome!  It is said that you are able to love yourself only when you find self-esteem at the expense of victories over yourself. Doing something you did not dare to do before, or wanted to do for a long time; once achieved, at that very moment, your self-esteem grows!  What