What is the DOODLE Lovely movement?

The DOODLE Lovely movement is a place, an idea, a feeling, and an energy that
inspires YOU to be you. The real you. The you it’s hard to find time for, the creative you,
the calm you, the happier you. Not the perfect you, but the perfectly you.

What makes up the DOODLE Movement?

You are the change to make your own life happier, healthier and more creative.
Join the DOODLE Lovely movement. It’s for you!

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Free Goodies!

  • Mother's Day Salute Contest!

    In an effort to make your Mother’s Day salute truly lovely, we’ve created this certificate and with it a chance to save on DOODLE Lovely products and WIN something special!
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  • Oodles of Doodles on Eggs!

    Bring your creativity to Easter this year by doodling your own eggs! Create time, relax and be creative. This is also a great activity to enjoy with family or friends!
    Download Goodie!
  • How to Find Time for You!

    Do you struggle to find the time to take care of you? Look no further! Our ‘Time for You’ vision board will help you express the things you enjoy, while feeling confident about incorporating them into your life.
    Download Goodie!
  • Your Lovely Heart

    This heart has been designed for you to reflect on all things beautiful about you. Hang this as a constant reminder to always love you.
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  • Doodle a Lovely Book Mark

    Enjoy bringing more calm to your day by creating a lovely book mark. Take time to enjoy while reading your favourite book or give as a gift to someone special.
    Download Goodie!
  • ‘ALL IS CALM’ Greeting Card

    ‘All is Calm’ encourages you to take a break while preparing for the festive season. Have fun colouring, doodling or just leaving as is and viola you have your very own greeting card.
    Download Goodie!
  • DOODLE Lovely Goes Batty

    Doodle away to keep the witches at bay! Have fun doodling this Halloween. Print this 8.5 “x 11” doodle sheet and fill the picture with oodles of doodles! Bring a splash of colour to your design using the doodles below or create your own.
    Download Goodie!