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Feel fabulous. February is about loving you!

I love me, I love me lots, I love me, I love me lots…

Are you making plans to shower the special people in your life with lots of love and affection this month? Don’t forget about you, yes YOU!

Feeling loved and appreciated by others is a wonderful sensation isn’t it? It makes us feel good to give love and to receive love. But, have you ever tried to give yourself some of that special attention?

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our daily routine and doing for others that we forget to make time to show love to ourselves. During this month of LOVE, give special treatment to someone who really needs it. Start with you, because you deserve it.

What does loving yourself truly mean and why is it so important anyway? Is that a strange or selfish thing to do? Absolutely not!

The more you treat yourself with kindness and respect, the greater capacity you will have to love and receive love from others. If we can nurture ourselves, we are able to build our resilience and self-reliance. Love truly starts with self-love.

How do we ignite that special spark within ourselves? How can we nourish our physical, spiritual and emotional selves? Just like we might do on a first date; with dedicated time we make for loved ones in our life!

Spend quality time with you. Get to know yourself and let your curiosity run wild. Get rid of other distractions – especially electronic devices. Give yourself your undivided attention. Like any first date, it might feel a little awkward at first, but pretty soon you may surprise yourself with just how much you like learning about you and spending time with yourself.

Remember to give yourself permission. We are often so hard and demanding of ourselves that we are convinced we aren’t worthy of our own love. It’s very easy to feel that there is something or someone else who deserves our attention more than we do. Love is unconditional, so love yourself, imperfections and all!

‘Love begets love. If you show it, you will feel it. If you give it, you will receive it.’ Elizabeth Bourgeret

Here’s what you can do to start ‘Loving you’.

All Things You Love

Create a list. Take 5 minutes (or more) to write down all the things that you love. This list can be things you love to do, or would love to do, but just haven’t made the time or allowed yourself to do.

Half the battle is acknowledging the importance of what makes you tick. This list is not for anyone else, so make sure your list is strictly about you!

Once you have this list. Pick something. Do it. Rinse and repeat.

Wishing you a fabulous month ahead, loving you! If you need inspiration or help with this, please visit:

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