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How doodling more, will help you worry less

People are kind of curious what the deal is with me and doodling. But I think maybe that’s because most people don’t necessarily think about doodling in any serious way.  It’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ways to relax, to reset, and to reawaken your mind. But for me, doodling brought me back to myself when I felt a little lost and empty.

What are doodles?

People have been doodling since pictures first appeared in caves! Doodles are fun and can be anything from scribbles, patterns, shapes, or drawings.

Doodling sometimes gets a bad rap, like it’s a form of dilly-dallying or that you’re not paying attention. But actually what many really smart people have found the exact opposite.

Sunni Brown’s describes doodling as: “.. to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.”

The best thing about doodling is that it helps you free your mind without any judgement, and you don’t have to be an accomplished artist to start.

There is no right way to doodle, you just doodle. Whatever you want. With doodling, you can travel wherever your subconscious takes you.  

There are oodles of wellness benefits to doodling

Doodling isn’t just fun (although it certainly is that!), it’s also good for your health and well-being.

Doodling helps you concentrate and remember

Often people think that doodlers are daydreamers, with their minds wandering off here, there, and everywhere. But according to a study by Dr.Jackie Andrade of Plymouth University, the act of doodling actually reinforces the brain ability to pay attention instead of drifting off.

In a cognitive study on doodling, people who doodled while listening on a phone call were able to remember nearly 30% more information after the call was finished compared to the people who actually took notes! That’s enough to get doodling!

It also turns out that doodlers who are listening to a lecture or a presentation while they doodle, are more likely to remember what they hear even better than non-doodler who were trying to listen intently. So turns out that spacey-looking co-worker you never thought was paying attention during meetings is 30% likelier to get a raise than you 🙂

Doodling keeps you in the present moment

When life puts us in this robotic state – running from here to there, getting through our busy lives – we’re not mindfully aware of what’s REALLY going on. We can miss so much about the people around us, the environment, and most importantly, ourselves. Doodling helps us be more mindfully aware of this very moment, helping to block out the ‘noise’.

“Doodling is known to be one of the easiest, most accessible, most relaxing ways to not only be here now but to slow the mind and allow it to breathe in order to process and integrate information.” – Sunni Brown, TIME.

Doodling helps you experience creativity

Doodling stimulates areas of the brain which normally are dormant. When we doodle, it wakes those sleepy parts up and creates sparks. When we wake up our brains, we’re able to tap into different information which in turn provides a new perspective, and that all leads to being more creative, however that creativity might express itself.

Doodling helps you process your emotions

Studies have shown that by expressing themselves artistically, people are able to process their thoughts and emotions better. Doodling can help you explore and express your feelings, freeing what might have been locked away for a long time. Doodling can be a healing process that comes from your heart.

“Your subconscious mind is attempting to contact you all the time. It is usually blocked by habitual conscious thought patterns or emotions. It can also be drowned out by the mundane mental trivia that we repeatedly hash over. Learn to allow its conscious expression, preferably every day.” JL Read

Doodling can be calming

Doodling is a simple way of of calming the mind when it becomes too busy and overwhelmed by the amount of information and constant pings and pokes from modern life.

The repetitive motion of moving the pen across the paper in shapes and designs over and over again can be very relaxing. And without rigid expectations, like if you were planning to draw a portrait of someone or paint a beautiful landscape, you can follow any pattern, any shape, and start and finish whenever you like. Much of our fear comes from the fear of making mistakes, but the beautiful thing is that anything goes in doodling!

Get doodling!

Discover for yourself the benefits of doodling. Like, right now! Doodling can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Find a comfy place to sit, grab your favourite pen, pencil, or whatever will make your mark on the world, pull out some paper and just let your mind take over!

Why not? You have nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain.

Our  ‘Creative Mind. Happy Soul’ journal is a great help to start you on your doodling way.



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