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Confidence Through Creativity

Feel confident and productive in the workplace with a fresh, creative perspective.

You’re rushing from one meeting to the next, booking your child’s next appointment. Your phone keeps ringing, and of course, you’re trying to eat ‘lunch’ while you are running back to your desk to complete a list of projects by the end of the day. This is many people’s day and it can leave us feeling drained with low confidence in the workplace.

DOODLE Lovely hears your question: ‘How do I even find time to breathe? Let alone, regain a feeling of being excited to show up to work and contribute my talents and ideas?’

Well, start with nurturing YOU. Yup, little ‘ol YOU and your CREATIVITY. It’s in there! You were born with it. Your creative spark may have dimmed but not to worry, at DOODLE Lovely we help people acknowledge the importance of nurturing CREATIVITY through a fresh perspective. Self-care and its overall impact on happiness will be experienced in all aspects of your life.


Creativity is the quality that one brings to the activity they are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach to how you look at things – a fresh perspective. Bringing creativity to the home or workplace doesn’t literally mean packing your paints and pencil crayons to a meeting (though it could, we’ll get to that later). Rather, it refers to approaching situations, strategies, and communication in fresh, new ways. It’s having the confidence to try something new, or think outside the box.

Implementing small changes in your daily life like reducing tech time, breathing fresh air and increasing methods of gratitude. The result is big positive change that ripples through your day, the people around you and your overall happiness.

Some great results from encouraging a little creativity are:

Lowers Stress & Anxiety
Stress in small amounts is okay – it motivates you to get stuff done. When it starts hanging around for a long time and affecting you everyday life, it’s time to take some steps to get it under control with these simple, daily relaxation techniques:

Encourages Strong Problem-Solving Skills
A creative mind approaches a problem from all angles, as opposed to linear thinking, which comes from just one direction. Creativity helps you see things through a different lens and equips you to better manage the unexpected.

Improved Focus
Nurturing your creativity encourages you to focus better. Your memory will improve and you’ll find it easier to concentrate. Relaxation usually means a better night’s sleep, which in turn does wonders for your memory and your concentration.

Creating an Authentic Self
An authentic self refers to the ‘real you’. When taking small moments to reconnect with what makes you happy, you’ll watch your authentic self emerge. The positivity you’ll experience when nurturing this process will result in more confidence and less worry about what others think.

Increases Productivity
When you feel supported to express your ideas, you are more likely to work harder and smarter to achieve both short and long-term goals.

“Encouraging creative thinking leads to employees’ seeing the bigger picture and leveraging productive focus on issues with a deeper business impact”

Are you feeling stuck for ideas? Perhaps stretch your creative wings out, dust off the ‘ol pencil crayons to work through your muddled thoughts. Creativity is a wonderful way to build on innovation, ideas and your problem solving.

How to Embrace CREATIVITY?

There is no right or wrong way to embrace creativity.

However you decide, just remember that this is about YOU, about spending more time with yourself and feeling the impact of creativity, without judgment. Just start with a breath – realize the power of clarity that comes from this.

If you are at work, practice taking mandatory, regular breaks, between 50 – 90 minute intervals for 17 minutes, as declared by The Atlantic. Whether you get up from your desk, go for a walk, listen to music, have a healthy snack, doodle or talk with a colleague – anything that encourages you to take a break and refuel your creative mindset.

•   Plan for creative time
•   Exercise
•   Listen to music
•   Meditate
•   Give gratitude
•   Write by hand

Everyone is creative. Unfortunately when we reach adult hood it seems as though we spend less time dedicated to viewing the world with an open-mind and creative spirit.

At DOODLE Lovely, we are passionate about developing resources that help people see the healthy benefits of creativity in both the home and workplace. We guide you along your journey to reconnect with your creative mind, for a happy soul.

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