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Being positive and creative in 2017

Happy New Year!

This January, I am focused on promoting a positive, inspirational and creative outlook for the year ahead. Make it yours!

If you have not yet done so, spend a little time to reflect on your last year. What happened in 2016? Acknowledge all the great things and perhaps things you may not want to repeat for 2017.

Why reflect? Well, to begin with, it promotes spending time with you and more importantly helps you learn more about yourself.

Elite daily helps show how introspection can be a positive tool in your daily life:

1. It allows you to notice negative patterns in your life.
2. It keeps you focused on the bigger picture.
3. It prevents you from worrying about things out of your control.
4. It helps you face your fears.
5. It allows you to clearly define happiness on your own terms.
6. It allows you to make decisions based on your conscience.
7. You will finally get different results.

At this time of year, so many of us have been thinking and are going to be starting a new year’s resolution, a fresh way to mark a new year. This certainly makes sense.

Perhaps your goal is to go to the gym or lose weight. What better resolution than to take great care of yourself. However, it is important to recognize that  ‘losing weight’ or ‘going to the gym’, does not exactly have an aspirational ring to it.

We start a new year with the best intentions, but how often do we move into February feeling as though we have ‘failed’ or become unmotivated? If we did not keep up with what we were so eager to change within ourselves, the feeling of guilt sometimes can become too much.

Forbes says that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolution. Surely there must be a better way to achieve our goals and stay dedicated to them longer?

What I would like to focus on, is helping you discover more positive, creative and aspirational goals to live by. To guide you to a place or way of centering yourself. To provide you with your own spot to come back to. To setting your new year goals enabling you to flourish in everything you do all year long.

With a positive attitude we experience happy feelings, brightness and more energy. Our body language exudes confidence in the way we feel and the way we portray ourselves to others. A positive attitude also benefits our health, outlook and overall wellbeing. This is a great way to open up more creativity within ourselves.

So would you like to feel this way all year?

Try this. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, make it a word. Choose one word that can help you achieve, make decisions and feel good everyday! Sounds simple doesn’t it?

So what do I mean by picking a word?

There are so many wonderful words that can help you focus and bring positive changes to your life and goals. LOVE, CALM, HEALTHY, GRATITUDE, CREATIVE, BRAVE.

I have decided that my new year will be based around the word ‘happiness’. I am choosing to encourage all things that bring happiness into my life and my decisions will be based on this. If something is not going to encourage happiness, I may happily decline; choosing not to allow this in my life. I am interested in really exploring what makes me happy, so I can bring more to my own life at home and in business.

Words are a fabulous way to express and help us embody more creativity within ourselves.

So how do you pick a word? There are so many, where to start? 

• Find a comfy place with a piece of paper, preferably large enough to not feel restricted. Use your favourite mark making tool!
• Keep an open mind.
• Be prepared to feel more empowered by your decisions.

Next try and answer the following questions:

• Is there anything that is happening in 2017 that you know of i.e. specific trips, events, milestones?
• What brings you your greatest happiness?
• What dreams have you always had? Are there any you would like to achieve in 2017?
• Are there any qualities that you want to practice more?

If you have answered the above you may have one or several pages filled with very important clues to help you choose your ‘word’ for 2017.

Next circle all words that make you feel good, are uplifting, make you feel excited or smile.

Once you circle all these words, pick your top three. Is there a specific word that you feel really great about? Perhaps there are a couple!

Are you finding it hard to pick just one?

If you are finding it hard to narrow your list down, do not choose the one you think you should choose, but one that makes you feel happy inside. Learning to listen to the deep down real you is what is important. Then you will have found the perfect word for you.

Doing this exercise, encourages a creative process, promoting a more meaningful and an authentic you. What a perfect way to start 2017!

You will start to see how much impact one single word can embody. If you practice this, your word will act as a mantra or guide for you, everyday.

When you are making decisions in 2017, be sure to always come back to your word. If you need a reminder, post your word on your mirror, on your fridge, by your desk or all three. This will help promote the positive change and outlook that will encourage a healthy and meaningful change in your life.


Wishing you a lovely new year, full of creativity and feeling great about you!



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