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We’ve got your back in this crazy world. Our products and resources are tested with success on ourselves and our brave & supportive family and friends. We approach all aspects of our business with a genuine care for the wellness of all human beings.
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A Lovely Story

I know how hard it is to find time for yourself. I know how hard it is to start something new. I get it. My own struggle with a busy life and journey to find balance and wellness has inspired the creation of Doodle Lovely. My mission and products have been created with YOU in mind. They are designed to be inspiring, supportive, and guide you to a place of more calm, clarity, creativity, and confidence.

Inspiring a new approach to experiencing a more fulfilling life.


Bringing You Calm

Inhale. Exhale. Doodle. Repeat. Marvel in the sense of calm you can feel amongst the daily chaos.

Experience Clarity

With a calm mind, comes a clear mind. Suddenly life becomes more manageable. Ta-da!

Develop Your Creativity

A clear mind becomes open to trying new things and approaching life from a new, creative perspective.

Improve Your Confidence

Stick with us and soon you’ll be trying new things and taking life head on with vision and confidence!


Self-Care Resources

It’s time for you. Take five minutes and we’ll guide you from chaos to calm.

Family-Care Tools

A few simple tips, tricks, and tweak to perspective will help you enjoy more family togetherness.

Work-Care Seminars

Achieve a productive team and thriving business through a creative mind and happy soul.


The how-to and benefits of making YOU a priority in your busy life.

improved performance

Take a quick 26 minute cat nap and feel rejuvenated to tackle the rest of the day.

stress reduction

Crack open a book for a mere 6 minutes and find yourself putting stress behind you.

creative potential

Your mind at the young age of 5 was so creative and free! Rediscover the power of creativity.

happier day

Stay connected with loved ones over a coffee date or little phone call for improved happiness.

Media Coverage

We’re honoured to have our products and self-care advice featured on recent news programming and magazine publications - thanks for the support!

Join Melissa speaking with Heidi Petracek about the importance of slowing down and trying her ‘To Don’t’ list!

CTV Morning News

MAY 2017

Andrea Dion joins Melissa in Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday through creativity and mindfulness.



Allison Saunders showcases Doodle Lovely’s ‘Creative. Mind Happy Soul’ a way to inspire self-care and creativity.

The Coast