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We’ve got your back in this crazy world. Our products and resources are tested with success on ourselves and our brave & supportive family and friends. We approach all aspects of our business with a genuine care for the wellness of all human beings.
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We are a wellness company focused on helping you enjoy life!

Our creative resources and products will guide you towards more
calm, clarity, creativity and confidence in aspects of your life.

Doodling gets me out of my mind chatter.

I love my Creative Mind Happy Soul journal. I love taking 5-10 mins to spend some quiet time with it, whether doodling or getting some thoughts out on paper. I love that the doodling aspect gets me out of my mind chatter, and into a creative headspace.

Rebecca Costello

They are gifts from the heart & good for the soul

I love all of Doodle Lovely products. They are gifts from the heart and good for the soul. I use my Doodle Lovely journal when I am most inspired, so I know that whenever I pick up my journal, some of my best creative moments are captured in there. Thanks Doodle Lovely.

Nicole Smith Osmond

Creative Mind. Happy Soul.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple.
Who needs heaps of information in an already chaotic lifestyle? No one.
This 4-step process is at the root of our resources, products, and workshops.
Calm. Clarity. Creativity. Confidence. Stick with us — we’ll get you there.


Inhale. Exhale. Doodle. Repeat. Marvel in the sense of calm you can feel amongst the daily chaos.



With a calm mind, comes a clear mind. And suddenly life becomes more manageable. Ta-da!



A clear mind becomes open to trying new things and approaching life from a new, creative perspective.



It’s amazing where a little doodle can take you! You’ll be trying new things and taking life head on with vision and confidence!